Hello, Welcome to We Do Wellbeing.


Everything we do here at We Do Wellbeing is focused on helping people to live healthier, happier lives. We believe that everyone deserves to experience authentic happiness, but in today’s hectic world that can be difficult. Our range of training, workshops, webinars and consultancy services can help develop resilience, build wellbeing and support you, your organisation or your project to adopt evidence based (scientifically proven) approaches to happier living.


Our team are all equally passionate about our mission to share our insight into positive health and wellbeing, this is evidenced by our level of experience and qualifications. We have tutors accredited by the Royal Society of Public Health and Mental Health First Aid England and a diverse background in health and wellbeing.


Our Wellbeing Workshops can be tailored to almost any setting – we don’t mind a challenge!! An initial workshop will provide an introduction to our philosophy and is full of activities which bring the theory behind happier living to life.


We are proud to offer the internationally recognised Mental Health First Aid training as part of our offer, contact us to discuss which course would be a good fit for you.